SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. -- Spokane Valley Fire is reminding parents and caretakers to not leave children in cars alone.

Melanie Rose, a Spokane Valley Fire spokesperson, said in the past week crews responded to four incidents involving five children locked in cars. She said most of incidents were accidents and in all cases, firefighters were able to safely reach the children who were unharmed.

Rose said it is alarming.

"It's so hot that it's dangerous for kids to be in cars for any length of time," said Rose. "This time of year we go 'code' meaning we put the lights and sirens on, and we go as quickly as possible to make sure we can get that child out of the car."

Rose said temperatures inside a car can reach more than 120 degrees in as little as ten minutes. People are being cautioned to never leave a child, disabled or elderly person, or pet alone in a parked car, even for a short time with the windows down.

"If it's a dark interior or if it's out in the bright sunshine that temperature can climb even faster," said Rose.

In a case where a parent is not around and a child or pet is alone in a car, fire and law enforcement officials ask people to call 911. Law enforcement discourages people from trying to break into vehicles. A Spokane County Sheriff's office spokesperson said they acknowledge each situation is different and they ask people use good judgment.

Temperatures were in the mid 90’s this week in the Spokane Valley area.