SPOKANE, Wash. -- A Spokane tradition is coming to an end. Organizers for First Night Spokane's New Year's Eve event say it is over.

"It's devastating, I cried. I sat down and had myself a good one," said Nanetta Miller, First Night Executive Director.

Miller went in planning this year's event with fingers crossed for an already struggling event. She hoped for a great turnout so organizers could continue hosting this annual tradition in Downtown Spokane.

"This was the year that we found a lot more involvement in the arts with the community wanting to be involved," she explained.

While the turnout seemed promising, Miller said they only brought in $3,000 in ticket sales out of their $8,000 goal to grow the event.

"It was hard to see because I felt like it was packed and I really thought the numbers were there," she said.

First Night Spokane paid for the New Year's Eve Fireworks, which means someone else will have to pick up the tab to ring in the new year with a bang. Nanette said she has already heard potential interest from other groups wanting to host a similar event called, "Celebrate Spokane."

"Different non-profits may come together and take each one of those programs, like everyone taking their own spot and celebrating the non-profits in town and celebrating the arts together,” Miller said.

Until official plans are announced, Spokane will have to make other arraignments for ringing in the new year.