SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane police are still searching for 16-year-old Kiera Inman who had an AMBER Alert issued for her on Tuesday.

Inman is believed to be travelling with 30-year-old Zachary Jones in a blue 1997 Acura Integra with Virginia plate: VGD6867.

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“It's hard to keep my mind going in good places, I keep trying to say she's safe, she's safe, she's safe, she'll come home, she'll come, she'll come home,” Inman’s grandmother Shelia Brizius said.

Inman lives with Brizius and she said Inman went for a walk on Sunday. She said she would be back in a half an hour but she never returned. It was a sunny day buy Brizius said something was out of the ordinary.

“She says I want to go for a walk.,” Brizius said. “I said, ‘where are you going?’ And she says, ‘around the neighborhood,’ I says ok. She brought her blanket and her stuffed dog, her two most precious belongings, and I says, ‘why are you bringing them?’ And she says cause she was going to show a friend and I says what friend? I mean I'm snoopy and she said it was a friend from school.”

She said she continued to question Inman but she kept saying she would be back shortly.

“I asked her, ‘are you running away?, ‘” Brizius said. “She said no, and I says, ‘give me a hug’ and she says I'll be back in half an hour I says ok and I watched her go down the street and it just seemed odd she was carrying her two favorite things.”

Brizius said about 10 minutes later she tracked Inman’s phone and saw it several miles away. She tried to call her but it rang then completely shut off. Inman’s grandfather searched for her in his truck but could not find her. Both Inman’s grandparents said they think Jones targeted her. They said the two may have met in an online chatroom or website for people who like to dress up as animal characters.

“Furries website and there's a fur affinity, Kiera really liked the furries,” Brizius said. “It's a group where they dress up like animals and have masks and she thinks the furries are just so cool.”

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She said she found a list of items Inman was supposed to pack and take with her.

“I believe he coached her, he found her diaries after she was gone, we went and looked in her room, it just wasn't all her doing I mean this was planned for like a month,” she said.

Police officials said they have several tips but have not found her yet. Brizius believes they might be headed south.

“Kiera we love you so much and we want you home and everything will be OK,” Brizius said. “Just let us know wherever you are we'll come pick you up, anywhere just let us know, we'll be there right away and it's OK.”

The North Church will be holding a prayer service from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday and everyone is welcome to attend.

If you have information regarding this case, please contact Spokane Police Department at 509-456-2233.