SPOKANE, Wash. – The family of the missing Spokane girl that triggered an AMBER Alert said she met her alleged abductor online.

An AMBER Alert was issued on Monday for 16-year old Kiera Inman from Spokane. Police officials said they received a Crime Check report of a runaway juvenile on Sunday. Police learned on Monday that juvenile, Inman, was in contact with an adult male from another state. That man was identified Zachary Jones, 30 of Virigina.

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Inman is developmentally delayed and requires medication for her medical issue, according to police officials.

The family said they believe Inman and Jones planned their escape and that they believe Jones manipulated Inman to run away.

Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones

Family members said Inman left with a teddy bear and blanket.

"We love her and miss her and want her home safe," said Kiera Inman's aunt, who did not want to go on camera.

"Its so surreal. You hear about it often, but you don't think it'll happen to you," she said.

Inman and her family had just come home from church, and said everything was normal. It was then Inman said she was headed out for a walk -- something the family thought was unusual. However, they feared they were being too overprotective, and let her go.

Inman quickly faded into the distance and did not come home.

"It's scary, it's unreal," Inman's aunt said.

A track of Inman's cell phone showed she was much farther away than she should have been. When family members searched her room, they were in for a wave of shock.

For weeks, it appeared Inman had been talking to Zachary Jones online. A man almost twice her age had allegedly made plans to meet up and leave town.

Inman even left a note for her family explaining her actions. It was chilling.

"She said, 'by the time you find this I'm gone.. or dead'," her aunt said.

Spokane police officials said they consider Jones the only person of interest.

Twenty-four hours later, an AMBER Alert is displayed on virtually every information sign in town.

Even though it appears Inman left willingly, her family is pleading for her safe return.

"Please let her go. We want her back home and want her safe."

She was wearing thick-rimmed glasses with a green cast on her arm. She is listed at 5'3" with brown hair, 110 lbs. and has a scar on her abdomen.

The car that Inman and Jones are travelling is believed to look like this. 
The car that Inman and Jones are travelling is believed to look like this. 

They are believed to be traveling in a 1997 blue Acura (similar to the picture above) with faded paint and Virginia license plate number: VGD6867. Jones is listed at 5'8" with blonde hair and blue eyes. No information was provided on what he was last wearing.

If you have information regarding this case, please contact Spokane Police Department at 509-456-2233.