FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. -- Being a hot shot pilot is not easy but there is a new one here in the Inland Northwest who is pretty impressive. He is only in second grade but he is getting noticed.

Fairchild Air Force Base hosted Toby Lee and his family Friday as part of the Pilot for the Day program.

“It was amazing. I've never been in a simulator. It was crazy to learn how to fly a plane,” said Toby.

Toby got to be a pilot for a day. It is a program hosted at Fairchild Air Force Base. Toby was chosen by Shriners hospital to sit in the pilot seat. Toby goes to Shriners twice a week for therapy helping with a condition that impacts the left side of his body causing muscle atrophy and numbness. His physical issues did not slow him down a bit. In fact, the pilot from Fairchild said Toby was a natural. Toby and his family spent the day visiting different locations on base but the KC-135 flight simulator was a highlight the 8-year old got to fly, land, even do barrel rolls. All in a day’s work when you are a future flier.

"His call sign is Toby01. He rocked the simulator. I don't know what it is about young aviators but we see it in our world. He was bright eyed, and bushy tailed, Impressive," said simulator instructor Jim O’Connell.

The pilot said Toby was amazing and unbelievably bright. Toby is also planning to wear the flight suit for Halloween.