Eight Spokane women are featured on the cover of a national magazine as a way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Dana Haynes, a former KREM anchor and owner of Dandles Candles, is one of the women featured on the cover of "Where Women Create Work," along with Chaps Diner and Bakery owner Celeste Shaw.

Shaw also serves as a contributing editor for one of founder Jo Packham's Where Women Create magazines. 

A video on the "Where Women Create" website also shows Shaw kneading dough and Haynes making her candles.

Spokane nutritionist Donell Barlow, window dresser Ginger Ewing, skincare professional Bee Simonds, photographer Cami Bradley and writer Shantell Jackson also participated in the project.

The magazine is carried in stores such as Costco, Barnes & Noble and World Market.

Haynes said she has had the candle business for 20 years but is pursuing it full-time now, with her products in 20 stores around the region.

In this month’s issue of the magazine, Packham writes briefly about each of the Spokane artisans featured on the cover. In May, she will publish in-depth features about each of the women, according to Haynes. 

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