People at the Pinecroft Mobile home park are still boiling their water.

Back in July, management said that the issue would be fixed in three weeks. And a couple of weeks ago, some people say they saw a notice posted on the office door saying they had fixed the issue.

But many others say the water from the pipes still smells odd, and that management is still handing out bottled water.

Melissa Chadwell says this is affecting her kids. 

"When they're thirsty, when they're out playing, being kids, they can't come in right away and get a glass. They have to make sure they have bottled water. If mom doesn't have enough water, in the house, they have to run and get a case," Chadwell said.

And having to still boil water and watch to make sure the kids aren't drinking it, she says is a hassle.

"It's not fair, they should be able to go and get a drink or take bath when they want to or shower the right way," Chadwell said.

KREM 2 reached out to management for comment but never got a response.

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