SPOKANE, Wash. -- A judge has dismissed a domestic violence charge against a Spokane Police officer on Tuesday due to a lack of evidence.

Spokane Police officer John Scott was placed on administrative leave after being arrested for domestic violence assault early Tuesday morning. The Spokane County Sheriff's Office was sent to the home of Officer Scott for a domestic violence assault investigation just before midnight. Deputies arrested Scott for one count of assault domestic violence in the fourth degree. Prosecutors said he was arrested after a fight over a cell phone and a push.

On Tuesday afternoon, prosecutors decided not to move forward with the case based on the facts. Prosecutors said the decision not to move forward in a case like this is not unusual and said Scott was not treated differently because he is an officer. In fact, the prosecutor said he was not aware Scott was a member of law enforcement until he appeared in court.

This is the second time in two years we have seen a Spokane Police Officer arrested for domestic violence. The first was in 2015 when Spokane Police Officer John Yen was arrested after a fight with his girlfriend. He was initially charged with first degree armed burglary domestic violence but later plead guilty to a lesser charge of second degree criminal trespass. He spent very little time in jail and remains a Spokane Police Officer.

Scott was placed on administrative leave and an Internal Affairs investigation will proceed following the completion of a criminal investigation. SPD confirmed it is standard procedure to place any member on administrative leave following an arrest during an investigation.

Scott will remain on administrative leave for the rest of the week.