SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Natural Resources is hiring 550 seasonal firefighters to serve during the 2019 wildfire season.

First-time applicants should be able to fill positions from approximately mid-June to mid-September, though some temporary positions will be filled by returning firefighters as soon as April. Seasonal firefighters may also have the opportunity to work longer seasons when they are able and conditions dictate.

The agency’s last wildfire call was a recent as Nov. 21 and 100 of the agency’s firefighters volunteered to finish out their season in November to assist with California wildfires.

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Washington state sent more than nearly 200 firefighters and 35 engines to help fight the devastating California fires.

DNR provides hired firefighters with all required safety clothing, equipment and training. Applicants should be willing and capable of performing strenuous outdoor work. Positions span different kinds of wildland firefighting such as hand crews, engine leaders, helitack firefighters and squad bosses.

Those interested in applying can visit DNR’s website.

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