SPOKANE, Wash. – For some, comfort has long been dressed in ketchup. But, for one community comfort wear a name tag.

His uniform is his armor. His smile is why D. Lish Hamburger's owner, Mike Lish, hired Bill Richardson more than a year ago. He never expected what was about to happen.

“He really is becoming iconic for the restaurant,” said Lish.

Richardson was born with a severe developmental disability but that has not slowed him down from making someone’s day. One person in particular is 2-year-old Emma Lish. She is Richardson’s best friend.

“Sometimes he comes in with notes, sometimes it's new dance moves, early today it was new Elvis stuff I had never seen before,” said Lish.

Even rarer, is Richardson’s to create a unique welcome for everyone who comes in.

“His role is to smile and make people smile and that's all. He really brightens everybody's day,” said Lish.

Every morning, Richardson gets dressed hours before work and waits for the most important part of his day, the moment he arrives at work. Even the November windstorm that wiped-out power across the community was no match for his dedication.

"I felt so terrible. Apparently the bus had brought him down and saw that we were closed and took him back home and he sat on his bed all day in his uniform," said Lish.

In a restaurant that has served-up comfort for decades, only one part has changed and that is Bill. The name you have to go inside to see, but only if you are prepared to smile.