SPOKANE, Wash. — Customers are flocking to iconic Spokane doughnut shop Donut Parade during its grand reopening on Wednesday. 

KREM photographer Nathan Brand tweeted a photo of the shop on Wednesday morning and said it was "nearing full capacity." 

Brand spoke with some customers on Facebook live during the shop's grand reopening.

"It's almost too new. I miss the nostalgia a little bit, but I'm glad they kept some of the old window things. It's good to be back," one customer said. 

The owners announced on Facebook that they would reopen the shop on Wednesday, March 13. 

On Monday, the shop posted more details what customers can expect.

The big question for Nathan and Christa Peabody, who are reopening the shop, is whether the donuts will taste the same.

"The answer to that one is that we think they will be close," Peabody said on Facebook. "Some of the donuts Darrell made had a recipe, and some of them were his creativity always wanting to make his donuts better, and some of his tricks never made it onto paper. We have worked very hard on our donuts, and have had people try them and say that we are close. Some of that is that we can get better, and some of that is that Darrell made his donuts taste better by the environment that his doughnut shop had, and the fact that all of his customers knew that he cared for them. We don't know that I will ever be able to match Darrell's donuts exactly, but we will not quit trying to get better and better." 

Donuts cost anywhere from $1.25 to $2.50, according to the post. Several pre-selected dozen options start at $12, with at least four maple bars in each dozen. The shop will also serve coffee from Arctos Coffee Roasting Company, hot cocoa and tea. Espresso and mixed coffee drinks will not be served at this time.  

The Peabodys said updates to the shop include new lighting, two new bathrooms and updated flooring. Former customers will find the same bar seating with 5 seats and the same benches when they visit. The original jukebox is also working and costs a dime per song.

Right now, Donut Parade will be open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. but those hours will likely be extended once the shop is up and running. Grace Christian Fellowship across the street from Donut Parade has offered their parking lot for customers during opening week. 

Watch the shop opening to public on Facebook Live: 

The new owners said they tried  to open earlier but an inspector requested that the shop make a few repairs first. 

Peabody and his wife worked on some upgrades to the building but they want to keep the building's iconic look. They're keeping the signage on the outside of the building and the same bar stools and booths.  

Owners said they will partner with nearby Arctos Coffee and Roasting Company to give customers locally roasted coffee. 

Peabody filed a permit for the old Donut Parade location at 2152 N. Hamilton Street. The permit was filed in order to do an interior remodel to add bathrooms and counter space.

He wants to use the business to build up the community while also honoring the original owner. Peabody wants to hire at risks teens to give them work experience. He wants to use the space to provide teens tutors, talks with local businesses and visits from police.  

Donut Parade first opened at N. Hamilton St. and E. Illinois Ave. in 1968. The shop eventually closed on Dec. 4, 2016.

In 2016, the building was in desperate need of repairs. The roof was leaking and lights had fallen, among other problems.

The doughnut shop in North Spokane previously struggled with rising prices. Christian Reno, the owner of the bakery, said the cost to keep making donuts had tripled.

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