SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.— Blood found in the car of a man accused of rape has officers worried he may have hurt someone else.

The suspect Michael Rush, 36, was booked into the Spokane County Jail on first degree rape and second-degree assault, according to reports.

Court documents said deputies were called to the Cenex Zip Trip Store on Trent Avenue around 5:00 a.m. for a robbery alarm Sunday where they arrested the suspect.

Before the employee was assaulted, Rush actually stopped by the store multiple times, according to a newly filed search warrant. Detectives believe he pretended to turn in lottery tickets as a ruse to see if she was alone.

A woman was seen on surveillance video inside the store with Rush hours before the alleged crime. Investigators located the woman on Thursday night. Detectives say she is safe, uninjured, and cooperative.

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Authorities said when the vehicle Rush was driving was searched it appeared there was blood on the seat. Rush was arrested inside the store so detectives said the blood cannot be from the rape victim.

During an interview after his arrest, Rush told detectives he would confess to this crime and tell them about all the other victims if he could confess it to a female officer or secretary. But, he refused to talk when they would not leave him alone with a woman on staff. Court documents said Rush is also suspected of a property crime.

Reports said detectives issued a search warrant for the vehicle to collect swabs of the suspected blood to help piece together crimes that could have possible been committed outside of the Cenex Zip Trip.