SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane group is gaining support on Thursday for its efforts to recall Mayor David Condon.

The increased support for the “#RecallCondon” Facebook page comes a day after the release of a report saying Condon withheld information for the investigation into former Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub’s resignation.

"Well, it's a very complex issue," Condon said in an interview with KREM 2's Jane McCarthey on Wednesday. "There's many matters that are addressed in the report. The mistakes of really adhering to the request and the demand of an individual employee for confidentiality is one that I have learned in hindsight it is one that I should not have granted to that employee and that the public demands that all actions taken on public employees become public."

“If he is not going to resign, then there are people ready to do a recall,” Mara Spitzer said , who is an administrator for the #RecallCondon Facebook group.

The recall process can start in a few ways. One way is for a Spokane resident starting a petition. The petition would need to get 12,925 signatures to validate it and bring it to the Washington State Supreme Court. If approved, that triggers special election to recall the mayor.

A second way is for a recall election to be called by the Spokane City Council after an ethics commission provides them with a valid complaint.

The proposed complaints and charges will then go to the Washington State Supreme Court where it is determined if described offenses are applicable to initiate the petition for the recall process.

But that process will take a long time.

“It would not be unusual for the recall process to take up to a year depending on how long it takes to get the signatures for the petition,” Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton said.

Spitzer said she and the other 600 members of the #RecallCondon group are in favor of starting that petition.

“I think Spokane is aware and awake to the conclusion that he is not doing his job,” she said.

Dalton said her elections office has gotten several calls from citizens about possibly recalling Condon.