SPOKANE, Wash --- The talented Chinese diver with ties to the Spokane Area has been trying to become an American citizen so he could compete for team USA in the Olympics.

The trials for the diving team were this week and Colin Zeng was not able to get a green card in time.

Now he is setting his sights on the 2020 games in Tokyo.

The American family of Colin Zeng that lives in Spokane County said that even if he were to have received a green card before the diving trials this week, it probably would not have been enough.

They have stressed that the bigger issue is that he is now able to remain in the US. Now, the clock is slowing ticking for his quest for 2020.

Earlier this year, the 21-year-old won a national championship for Ohio State.

Zeng was born in China and trained to be a diver there, but was eventually dismissed from the national team. He then came to the US.

As we reported last week, Zeng has been recently granted immigrant status and is now awaiting a green card.

Zeng's American parents, Jolyn and Earle Canty, were hoping for that green card by the end of last week with hopes that it would allow Colin to compete at the trials for the national diving team.

The Cantys said they have been told by national diving officials that Colin would need to become a full citizen in order to compete for team USA.

They said it is a little frustrating, since the Cantys said that Colin is already able to beat some of the top US divers.

But they add that what is more important is that Colin will not be deported back to China once his student Visa expires when he is done at Ohio State.

At that point, it will be all eyes on becoming a citizen with hopes of getting to Tokyo in 2020.

As for now, Zeng's American mother said that he is taking summer school courses in Columbus and is coaching for a local club team.