SPOKANE, Wash. – Local developers want the city to raise the limit on a building's height across from Riverfront Park.

They say current restrictions stifle development but city leaders worry the buildings will cast shadows and block the sun, taking away the park's natural beauty.

City planners conducted a study to find out the real impact. Now, they want to know what you think.

The area south of Spokane Falls Boulevard, specifically the two lots on either side of Stevens, has been the center of discussion for months between city planners and developers.

The city looked at how much building the area could take in a recent study. Right now, the city requires a 15-foot step back for every story over 100 feet on this block. The idea behind the latest plan was to make sure buildings did not block out the sun over Riverfront Park.

The examples include buildings with a 100 foot base and 11,000 square feet, 14,000 square feet or 18,000 square feet towers on top.

City planners recommend at least 50 feet between the towers. The final report found buildings above 100-feet would have to be residences or hotels. If they are, there would be no height limit. The tower above 100-feet would be limited by square feet, however. These recommendations are based on how much sun these buildings would block.

City planners learned the example with thinner towers blocked out less sun. With that, perhaps there is a compromise. Developers will have less restrictions on their projects and the ambiance of Riverfront Park will be preserved.

The city is looking for feedback on their ideas and you can do that by taking the survey online.