SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane City Council is expected to sign off on a plan to add 40 trash and recycling compactors downtown in an effort to keep the area clean, while saving taxpayer dollars.

Spokane lawmakers are expected to give the green light to these machines any week now.

"They don't fall over, they don't allow someone to go back through them, so once trash is put in the receptacle, it stays there... which is a nice bonus,” Marlene Feist with the City of Spokane said.

The savings of these green-machines have the potential to recycle 130,000 gallons of trash each year. For comparison, that is enough trash to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The machines also have the potential to save Spokane’s downtown partnership upwards of $30,000 as less trash and litter need to be collected.

This would also free up resources to focus on other efforts, like getting rid of graffiti.

Another addition could potentially add WiFi hotspots to each machine.

If approved, the city will lease each compactor for five years, adding to a more green and clean Spokane.