SPOKANE, Wash. – City of Spokane officials said Wednesday they are considering more “fun attractions” downtown, including a possible zip line that would go under the Monroe Street Bridge.

Brian Coddington, the communications director for the City of Spokane, said the idea would have the zip line go from the CSO 26 tank just north of the library, under the Monroe Street Bridge and end at Glover Field.

The City of Spokane plans to build a plaza on top of the 2.2 million gallon combined sewer overflow prevention tank (CSO 26) that would serve as the trailhead for a new three mile loop.

Coddington said the loop would start at the new plaza, head under the bridge to Glover Field, cross the river, come up through Kendall Yards then back over the Post Street Bridge.

He said the concept is just in the idea state for now and the City of Spokane has not put out a request for proposal or anything.

“At this point, we’re looking at the engineering of the tank to make sure [it would work],” Coddington said over the phone. “It’s just a concept for how to add another fun attraction to downtown.”