SPOKANE, Wash. – Area residents submitted about 250 names to the City of Spokane for the pedestrian bicycle bridge that will connect the East Sprague area to the University District.

The deadline is Jan. 31, 2018 for submissions so you still have time to send in your idea if you don’t see it on the following list.

We will tell you right now, City of Spokane officials said someone already submitted Bridgey McBridgeface and they are not considering it.

Scroll through the list of submissions in the document below.

Submissions for new names of pedestrian bridge in University Dist. on Scribd

City officials said they got several duplicate names, so here are some of the most commonly submitted names:

Harold Balazs Bridge (36 submissions)

Bing (Harry Lillis) Crosby Bridge (16 submissions)

University District Gateway Bridge (16 submissions)

Carl Maxey Bridge (14 submissions)

Tom Foley/Thomas P Foley Memorial Gateway/Bridge to Dreams (10 submissions)

Few Crossing/Few's Freeway/Mark Few Bridge (10 submissions)

Steve Gleason Gateway/Steve Gleason Courage Bridge/Gleason Strong (8 submissions)

King Cole Bridge/Walkway (8 submissions)

The city says the following are requirements for name suggestions:

  • Nominees must have made an outstanding contribution to the City of Spokane.
  • An individual or family must have been a resident of the City of Spokane.
  • The duplication or repeat use of names will be avoided.
  • Living political nominees must have retired from political office for at least five years.

To pitch a potential name for the bridge, the city asks that you post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag @spokanecity. Along with the name suggestion, include what it means to you as well as its relevance to Spokane.

If you would rather not share your idea on social media, you can also share it in the comments on the city website, here.

Comment from discussion Looks like we are not getting Bridgey McBridgeface for U-District bridge..