SPOKANE, Wash. – As temperatures drop Wednesday night things could get icy.

“Mostly, I'm concerned for people tonight when those temperatures really drop. I think the overnight temperatures are in the mid-20s range, so that will freeze things back up, so people need to be aware of that and drive for conditions at that point,” said Public Works Strategic Development Director Marlene Feist.

On Wednesday, city officials plan to send crews back and de-ice arterials again. At 9:00 a.m. they announced a full city plow, meaning crews are now working around the clock until all streets are clear.

"We just keep working and we're gonna work through all of the areas in the city on a 24/7 operation. Crews on days and nights, plows sanders, de-icers," Feist explained.

If we get more snow it can slow crews down. They have to go back and clear the same arterials multiple times before they can move on to residential streets.

"The arterials we'll do again, we'll go back out tonight and do arterials again as we need to. We'll add deicer again if we need to, which we probably will," she said.

Anyone who is interested can track the plows by visiting the Snow Plow Activity Map on the County's website.