SPOKANE, Wash. -- The City of Spokane announced they will not have to foot the bill for the ice ribbon repairs.

Still a lot of people took to social media with questions. Is this the end of ice skating season at the ribbon? Will season ticket holders be reimbursed? KREM 2 took those questions to the city.

On Monday, city officials said the Ice Ribbon Downtown will be closed for about three weeks. Officials said a vessel that connects to a compressor needs to be replaced. Parks leaders said the vessel has a crack in it that is beyond repair. They say the equipment is key to forming and maintaining the ice at the ribbon and it is under warranty by the manufacturer.

Spokane Parks and Recreation Director Leroy Eadie said since the equipment is under warranty, the city will not have to pay to make the repairs.

"So this is all on the contractor. All the mechanicals are still under warranty, so they are covering the cost of this replacement tank. We are not going to see a bill. We are not going to see an invoice. They are going to take care of it,” said Eadie.

Some people were concerned about getting reimbursed for their season passes or a day pass they bought the day the ribbon was shut down. Eadie said they gave out rain checks to everyone affected by the closure Saturday.

“As far as our season pass holders we are keeping track of the time that we are having the closure with the ice here. So if our ice is closed for three weeks we are going to extend the season pass for three weeks," Eadie said.

Eadie said their number one focus is getting the ice back on the ribbon and opening up again. He said the facility is equipped to make ice in up to 55 degree weather, depending on wind and rain conditions. If they have some cool days they are optimistic they will be able to extend the ice ribbon season to mid to late March.

"It's absolutely not over so we are working very feverishly to get everything fixed. We want to get the skate ribbon open as soon as possible. And we are also considering extending the season so we were looking at a normal closure at the end of February early March now we are looking at going a couple weeks into March if the weather cooperates,” said Eadie.

While the repairs are being done the city is considering what they can do with the ribbon without ice. Staff members will be testing out ways to make roller skating work on the ribbon. They are currently looking into how they can cover the expansion joints so they can be skated over.

“So you may see a staff member going around this thing on roller skates just because we are testing out the ability now while we have the skate ribbon down,” said Eadie.

Eadie said they are looking at putting on special activities and preparing for the summer time as they wait for repairs to be completed. For now, some of the people who work at the ice ribbon are being reassigned to other city projects if possible.