CHENEY, Wash. – A Cheney woman is celebrating her 110th birthday on Thursday.

Flossie Dicky was born on February 18, 1906 and moved to Eastern Washington when she was very young. She lived on a farm near the Pend Oreille River.

Being born in 1906, Dicky has lived to see men walk on the moon, two world wars, the Great Depression and women earn the right to vote.

She married her husband of 50 years at the age of 15. Her husband passed away in the 70’s, but Dicky has lived to see her great-great-great grandchildren grow up. Her oldest grandchild is 67 and the youngest is 12.

“My grandkids they say there’s 50 of them. I don’t know,” said Dicky.

If you are wondering what the secret to long life is, Dicky said the answer is simple.

“You got to live and take care of yourself. You got to do like I did. Do the best you can that’s all you can do,” said Dicky.

Her family said she did not want anything for her birthday, except to see everybody she loves.