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Central Valley district announces name of high school opening 2021

The naming committee decided on naming the school Ridgeline High School after reviewing over 430 name and mascot ideas, the district said.

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash — A committee with the school district went through a list of over 400 ideas before its members decided on the school’s name.

The school’s new principal, Jesse Hardt, said the committee wanted to find a name to establish a unique identity for the school.

“’Ridgeline’ set itself apart, because it really was different. It really allowed us to create our own identity, write our own story, start with a new culture of our own,” Hardt said.

Places like Saltese, Liberty Lake, Legacy Ridge and Greenacres were possibilities on the list.

Names of people such as former Coeur d’Alene Chief Andrew Seltice and astronaut Anne McClain were also ideas.

Hardt said the school’s location was also a factor in the committee’s decision.

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“If you stand on the site, there’s views to the south, north, and east of the hills around there of the ridge line,” he said. “So (the name) fit nicely with the geographic area.”

The committee also wanted to make sure the name would represent all students who will attend the school.

“We wanted to make sure that we’re inclusive of all communities within the high school community, so we didn’t want to necessarily name it after a singular (location),” Hardt said.

The committee is still in the process of selecting a mascot and colors for the school.

Raptors, Rams and Raiders were some suggestions the committee reviewed.

There were also ideas like the abominable snowman and a tardigrade. (It’s a microscopic organism that’s prominent around eastern Washington.)

Hardt said the committee is hoping to come to a decision on both a mascot and school colors by January 2019.

Groundbreaking will begin in the spring.

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