SPOKANE, Wash – The Spokane County Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory and Review Board released its findings on Tuesday after reviewing the Ryan Holyk case.

Holyk died while riding his bike at East Sprague Avenue and North Vista Road in Spokane Valley on May 23, 2014.

The cause of Holyk’s death has been questioned consistently since the incident.

In October of 2015, the advisory board was handed a stack of documents that included the investigation file, forensic video analysis, the autopsy report and crime lab report among several other ideas.

“This was a tragic accident that ended in the passing of a young person’s life and again our condolences and sympathy to the family,” said Bob West, Vice Chair of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Citizen Advisory Board.

Initially, it was believed that Holyk was hit while riding his bicycle down Sprague Avenue by Deputy Joseph Bodman who was responding to assist another deputy.

However, multiple independent reviews have all concluded that Holyk and his bicycle were not hit by Bodman’s vehicle.

Origin forensics also completed a review of the case and created a video reconstruction. They came to the same conclusion.

The Citizen Advisory Board found that Holyk was riding his bicycle without a helmet, headlights, taillights, reflectors or brakes and determined he failed to stop at the red light at Vista Road and Sprague Avenue that night.

Based on all investigations, reports and witness accounts, the board said it believes Holyk likely grounded his bike when confronted with the imminent danger approaching as he came off of the east curb of Vista Road.

“It is impossible to determine if Ryan reacted to Deputy Bodman’s vehicle or Mr. Millican’s vehicle, which was also driving westbound on Sprague at that time. After careful review of all materials, the board concurs with the expert findings that no contact was made between Deputy Bodman’s vehicle, Ryan or his bicycle,” said West.

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Bodman was given a written reprimand for not having his lights on that night.