The Oak Ridge Boys are playing in Spokane Wednesday night and after the show, they’re headed to Houston, Texas to be a part of George H.W. Bush’s memorial service.

The Oak Ridge Boys are playing at the First Interstate Center for the Arts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range from $47 to $57.

According to USA TODAY, Bush wrote that he wanted his favorite group – The Oak Ridge Boys – to sing “Amazing Grace” at his funeral. When Bush passed away Friday, Oak Ridge Boys members were ready to show up whenever they were needed.

The men will board a private jet Wednesday night following their concert to fly overnight to Houston, USA TODAY reported. About four hours after they land, they’ll start preparing for Bush's hometown funeral service.

“It’s what you do for friends,” said the Oak Ridge Boys’ Duane Allen.

The group has been in talks with the Bush family to participate in Bush’s final proceedings for six months, but the call came three or four weeks ago that his condition had deteriorated further.

USA TODAY contributed to this report.