CHATTAROY, Wash. -- In 2014, voters approved a $9.6 million bond to replace equipment and build new fire stations in Fire District 4.

Firefighters were just a few weeks from moving in on Thursday but when they do response times will significantly improve for people in the area.

The new fire station will serve the eastern part of Fire District 4, which was the area farthest from any fire station.

“The addition of this station brings approximately 500 more residences to within five miles on a station of one of our stations helps with homeowner’s insurance rates,” said Fir Chief Randy Johnson.

The new location is expect to knock about 10 minutes off response time. In addition to this new station, Fire District 4 is also working to replace two other fire stations they have outgrown. Ground breaking on those should begin in the next few months. Fire District 4 also used the bond money to replace and update old equipment.

Fire District 4 added a new truck to respond to medical calls and brush fires but they did it in a way that saved money. They mixed and matched parts, so now they have two working brush trucks instead of one.