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Spokane Community College opens 'Library of Things'

A local college library launched a program to level the playing field for students of all walks of life, 

SPOKANE, Wash.—The library was always a place to provide students with resources for school work, but now a local community college is bringing that to a whole new level.

The Spokane Community College started a new program this year called the Library of Things.

Officials at SCC said the program was created to make education accessible for people in all walks of life and backgrounds.

SCC student, Vania Hennes said she attends SCC because she wants to be a baker and uses the Library of things for the tools and equipment those classes require.

Hennes said that the Library of Things is also helpful because she is a single mom and buying the tools can get expensive.

“It's just a great opportunity. I can do my homework at home. I can practice my craft without spending a lot of money on the equipment and I can make great cakes for my family and friends and produce amazing quality things that I wouldn't have been able to because there are tools and cutters that cost a lot of money,” said Hennes,

Librarian Linda Keys said she was one of the ones who spearheaded this program.

Keys said when she first had this idea, she went to student government and asked for $5,000 to get it off the ground, but they loved it so much, they allotted $10,000.

Keys said SCC students were asked what they would like to see in the library and can continue to request more items to have available.