SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane and other parts of the Inland Northwest saw the first snowfall of the season on Friday, Nov.9.

Although it was a beautiful sight to see, the snow created slick, dangerous road conditions.

Washington State Patrol said it saw 30 crashes, which is significantly higher than on a non-snow day, but less than what it normally sees on the first day of snow.

Idaho State Police said it saw about a dozen crashes, more than what it normally sees.

Spokane County Sheriff's Office said there weren't that many more crashes than a normal day, citing two dozen crashes.

There were four predominant conditions seen on the road: water, sleet, snow and ice. Wet road conditions are not typically a problem until it turns into ice overnight.

The City of Spokane said it is deicing the roads on main arterials Saturday morning, but authorities are asking drivers to slow down and leave adequate space between surrounding cars.