A Purple Heart that turned up at a pawn shop in Wallace, Idaho is back with its rightful owner.

Rich Asher owns North Idaho Trading in Wallace and he said he bought the medal along with other items in a sale five to six years ago. He hung on to the medal because he wasn't sure what to do with it. He said he handed the medal over to the Military Order of the Purple Heart when they were in Wallace back in 2016.

Turns out the medal belonged to Donna MacDonald's great-great grandfather who was wounded in France during World War I.

He took shrapnel to the hand in 1918 and was given the Purple Heart in 1943.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart called the nonprofit "Purple Hearts United" to help in the search for who it belonged to after Asher handed it over.

It took a year for volunteers to track down Donna MacDonald in Dallas, Texas.

She finally received her grandfather's Purple Heart this week.

“We would like to return your great-grandfather's Purple Heart and your grandfather’s dog tag from World War II.”

"It's just going to be really, really neat to have that piece of my great-grandfather and to bring it home to my family," said Donna.

The truth is medals like this don't always make it home.

Purple Hearts are bought and sold online frequently. There's no law against it.