SPOKANE, Wash. — More work on the U. S. Pavilion at Riverfront Park is being done over the next three to four weeks.

According to Spokane Parks and Recreation Spokesperson Fianna Dickson, crews will start to install the shade structure during that time period. Then, the remaining light blades around the shade structure will be installed.

Dickson said they have not set a date for testing the lights.

Construction on the U. S. Pavilion and event space is expected to be complete by this fall.

When it's ready, Spokane city parks and recreation officials say the space will provide open, flexible seating for concerts.

Mounted to the cables of the iconic Pavilion structure are about 570 illumination blades with LED lights.

The Pavilion will also feature tiered seating, with the upper levels that are ADA accessible.

Construction on the north end of the promenade, which stretches from the blue bridge to the North Bank playground, is expected to wrap up in late summer or early fall. The north end could be used for "Pig out in the Park" because they've added power supply, just like on the orange bridge.

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