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Famed Seattle CEO Dan Price resigns from company amid assault allegations

Price was charged with misdemeanor assault in May after a woman alleged Price attempted to forcibly kiss her. He pled not guilty to the charges.

SEATTLE — Editor's note: The above video on Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price being charged with assault originally aired on April 21, 2022.

Seattle CEO Dan Price, who became famous for cutting his own salary to raise his employees' pay, resigned from his company Gravity Payments amid claims he assaulted a woman and drove recklessly with her in the car. 

Price pleaded not guilty to one charge of misdemeanor assault and one charge of reckless driving related to the incident in May. A harassment no-contact order was also issued. 

In an email to employees that Price tweeted, he said his presence at the company had become a distraction and he was leaving to "focus full time on fighting false accusations made against me." 

Chief operating officer of Gravity Payments Tammi Kroll will take over as CEO of the company. 

According to the police report, a 26-year-old woman met with Price in January after they exchanged messages on Instagram. The woman told police she met with Price after he told her he wanted to talk about "professional matters" in person.

The woman allegedly met with Price at a restaurant downtown on the night of Jan. 20. The woman told police Price got "very drunk" at the restaurant, according to documents.

The woman attempted to order an Uber, and Price suggested waiting in his Tesla until it arrived. Once inside his car, Price allegedly attempted to force a kiss on the woman and grabbed her throat when she pushed him away. Documents say the woman told police he became "incredibly angry," and his demeanor completely changed.

According to documents, Price then drove the woman to a North Seattle parking lot and did "donuts" with his car before attempting to kiss her again.

Price's attorney, Mark Middaugh, called the allegations "absolutely false" after Price was initially charged, adding they have evidence that contradicts details of the police report and raises "serious doubts about the complainant's credibility."


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