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'Love Is Blind' releases Season 4 Seattle 'After The Altar' episodes

The reality show's latest episodes for its Seattle season were released Friday.
A cascade of cool floral colors can be seen on Love is Blind. (L to R) Bliss, Zach in episode 412 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

SEATTLE — Many Seattle-area reality television fans woke up with excitement Friday, as Netflix released three "After The Altar" episodes of its popular show "Love Is Blind" at midnight PT Friday.

Season 4 of "Love Is Blind" took place in Seattle and was first released in March. The show began with 30 singles (15 men, 15 women) vying for love, with the unique twist that they do not get to see what any of their potential matches look like until after they get engaged.

From that initial group of 30, five couples got engaged. Three of those couples ended up tying the knot: Brett and Tiffany, Zach and Bliss, and Kwame and Chelsea.

"Love Is Blind" has been adding to its season episode totals with these "After The Altar" episodes, which give fans a glimpse into what the lives of the contestants are like once they get past the weddings.

For the Seattle season, the three couples that ended up saying "I do" held their weddings at North Fork Farms in Snoqualmie, just over 30 miles from downtown Seattle.

KING 5 interviewed the venue director and venue manager after the wedding episodes aired, although the actual weddings themselves were held in April 2022.

"It's wild," said venue director Cheyenne Littlejohn-Fay of the experience. "So it's my family that owns the venue and I'm the venue director so we've had our blood, sweat and tears in the building. So to see it on a major TV show just feels unreal. We have the kids' handprints on the concrete. So much of our family is out there and to see it out there on TV it's crazy. It feels really good."

The three "After The Altar" episodes are all available now to stream on Netflix.

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