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KREM Cares 'Treats 2 Troops' 2022: FAQs on how and what to donate

Treats 2 Troops is KREM 2’s campaign to ensure every deployed member at Fairchild Air Force Base receives a holiday care package.
  • What is KREM Cares Treats 2 Troops? It's KREM 2's effort to ensure every deployed member at Fairchild Air Force Base receives a holiday care package this season. We received the final number of packages needed from Fairchild.
  • Where can I donate? From Oct. 1-31, you can drop off a treat at any area Washington Trust Bank location. We ask you to drop off your treats during regular business hours.
  • What do I give? We love making sure each service member gets treats they like! We have a "Top 10" list provided by the spouses of deployed men and women.
  • 2022 KREM Cares Treats 2 Troops "Top 10" list
    1. Beef Jerky
    2. Mixed Nuts
    3. Sunflower Seeds
    4. Drink Mixes (single serving)/instant coffee
    5. Protein bars
    6. Hot/spice sauce (small bottles for packaging)
    7. Candy/Gum
    8. Small, handheld toys
    9. Dried Fruit
    10. Homemade cards/notes/letters

Treats 2 Troops Q&A

  • We make Christmas cards each year for our service members. Can we donate them? YES. Thanks to Washington Trust Bank, you can take them to any area location. We've been told that the men and women love the cards the most! Please put them in the Treats 2 Troops boxes inside the Washington Trust Bank locations.
  • Can I donate cash or check? YES. We will happily buy the gifts that we need for the military boxes. You can drop off checks or cash at area Washington Trust Bank locations. You can go through the drive-up or donate inside.
  • How are they shipped? Through the United States Postal Service. Washington Trust Bank pays for packaging.
  • How many boxes are being delivered this year? We don't know the exact number of deployed over the holidays yet, but we usually ship anywhere between 200-400 boxes per year. If we have extra items, the treats are packaged and sent to bases around the world or given to men and women serving on base.
  • How do you get the "Top 10" List? The Fairchild Spouses' Club provides the Top 10 list. The spouses help manage the KREM Cares Treats 2 Troops project and donate hours to ensure hundreds of service members receive a package.
  • Can I volunteer to package the boxes? No. The Treats 2 Troops boxes are packed at Fairchild Air Force Base, and participation is limited. However, you are volunteering by making cards, writing a letter, or making a donation.
  • What would I say in a note? We ask people to share gratitude for their service and wish them a happy holiday and a safe return to their family and friends. Any note of kindness is appreciated.

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