SPOKANE, Wash. - Elementary school students in Moses Lake made more than a thousand cards to say thank you to veterans. A Moses Lake woman got the idea to collect the cards from students for a veterans appreciation dinner she is volunteering at Saturday. But, when she got more cards than expected, she decided to drive to Spokane to hand them out to as many veterans as possible.

"It’s a huge response,” Elisia Dalluge explained. “It was so overwhelming and so amazing and so beautiful, that the community will gather together and show their support for our veterans on such a beautiful holiday."
Dalluge stopped by a veterans thrift store to hand out a few cards before heading over to the VA Medical Center. At the thrift store, she found Vietnam Veteran Larry George.

“Just to say thank you so much for everything that you've done in serving our country and protecting us and keeping us free” Dalluge said to George as she handed him a thank you card. “You are very much so appreciated and I would like to give you a card on behalf of the kids.”
“Wow! That student had some insight into colors,” George exclaimed.

George said the notes of thanks mean so much. This act of kindness reminded him of a similar thank you card he received while serving overseas on the front lines.

“It happened in Vietnam once that I can remember when I was in a combat zone, in a place called Khe Sanh, and they delivered a heartfelt message, it was so cool to see that,” George said as he briefly teared up.

The cards are a small gesture, but one that means so much not only for our veterans, but for Dalluge as well.

“Just being able to go out and shake as many veterans hands, and give them a hug and say thank you and watch them light up is so beautiful,” Dalluge explained.