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Spokane police won't send you an email for a red light camera violation

An employee for the City of Spokane received a phony email about a photo-red infraction. The person who sent it posted as a transportation department staff member.
Red light camera

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Police Department is warning people about a scam involving red light camera violations in the city. 

Officer John O'Brien said a city employee received an email about a photo-enforced infraction.

The person who sent the email posed as a staff member for the state Department of Transportation.

"Our traffic cameras recorded you running a red light on September 4, 2020. As such, you have been charged with a traffic citation," the phony emails reads. 

The email said that this person could contest their citation in court or pay the fine online. 

O'Brien said the city employee questioned its validity and reached out to SPD to verify its claims. 

People who have committed a traffic infraction at one of the city locations that use the photo red/speed system will receive a mailed notice through the United States Postal Service with a City of Spokane letterhead envelope. The infraction will be mailed to the address listed on a person's vehicle registration. 

Those who have any doubts should call the agency first and not click on links to pay. More information about photo red/speed systems in the city is available by emailing photored@spokanepolice.org or visiting the city's website.

After receiving a mailed notification, people can mitigate or contest the infraction by mailing it back SPD. Violations can be paid online, and people will be required to provide infraction and PIN numbers.