SPOKANE, Wash.— The power and inspiration of poetry became part of a movement started by a group of young Spokane minorities who hope to provoke change in the community.

The group Power 2 the Poetry’s founders said they created a group whose mission was to express the truth, and ignite and inspire the Spokane community to make a difference.

One founder, A.J. McKinney said he’s learned from experience that the community can still be behind the times.

"I was walking down the street visiting a neighbor here and the minute I get to the door he lets me in and he says, ‘you won't believe what just happened,’ I'm like ‘what?’ He said, ‘I just got a call from the neighborhood watch telling me that there was a tall black guy with a backpack walking up my stairs and they asked if I was okay,’” said McKinney.

The group’s founders said they wanted to inspire the whole community, but especially young people.

The group gives people an outlet to express themselves.

Power 2 the Poetry will host its first event Tuesday night at the Spokane downtown library. It will be open mic and anyone is welcome to join. Sign-ups start at 5:30 p.m. and the event starts at 6:00 p.m.