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Plowie McPlow Plow helps clear Snoqualmie Pass

Spokane's famous snowplow got called into duty this past weekend to help open Snoqualmie Pass.

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. — With Washington state closed off from a major snowstorm, the Washington State Department of Transportation called in some extra help in the form of the beloved tow plow - Plowie McPlow Plow.

Plowie is a common sight in Spokane during the winter, pushing aside the snow and ice as it clears the freeways and highways. Over the weekend, WSDOT moved Plowie to Snoqualmie Pass, after a major winter storm shut it down for days.

WSDOT shared photos of Plowie hard at work on Snoqualmie Pass. The tow plow has a 25-foot extension on the back of a regular plow truck. That extension allows Plowie to help clear a second lane while using just one vehicle.

Plowie was just the vehicle needed for the job. Snoqualmie Pass reopened on Sunday helping clear a backlog of trucks, deliveries and travelers. The crews that work Snoqualmie Pass were impressed and said they may need to get their own Plowie McPlow Plow.

As we typically do in the case of large storms, we shift people and equipment around where they're most needed. On...

Posted by WSDOT on Tuesday, January 11, 2022

It is rare for a snowplow to generate fandom but such is the life of the beloved Plowie McPlow Plow.

On Twitter, one person tweeted, "Plowie McPlow Plow is the hero we didn’t know we needed."

Another said, "You know things are getting serious when you call up Plowie McPlow Plow."

While Plowie McPlow Plow gets a lot of love, the tow plow often shares the spotlight with its siblings, The Big Leplowski and Sir Plows-A-Lot. 

WSDOT is still working to reopen Stevens Pass and White Pass after the snow last week.

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