SPOKANE, Wash. -- SCRAPS is preparing for a holiday campaign involving 12 cats at the shelter.

At the end of each year, SCRAPS strives to empty its shelter and adopt adult cats out during the holidays.

This year, the shelter will launch its "12 Days of Catmas" social media campaign using Christmas-themed cat portraits taken by SCRAPS' volunteer pet photographer Beate Konduris.

"I love what I do, I love photographing these animals, it's fun and rewarding. I would like to adopt them all but I can't so I volunteer my time and my photographic talent, said Konduris.

For three years, Konduris has been taking photos of pets at SCRAPS to help them get adopted, free of charge.

"When you photograph them, we've had situations where they were adopted the following day," said Beate.

SCRAPS has two pet photographers who volunteer their time on a weekly basis, sometimes even more than that.

"When Beate and Karen take these photographs and you can see the beauty of the animals eyes and their fur, it's just incredible," said Janet Dixon with SCRAPS.

Cats, being the way they are, are not always fighting for the attention of people when they come into SCRAPS looking to adopt.

That is where Konduris comes in.

"We see them scared or frightened and through the photography, I get to spend a little bit of time with these precious little babies and take pictures of them that gives you a chance to see them in a better light," said Konduris.

The Christmas photo shoot moved quickly Tuesday afternoon as Konduris got her perfect photo after spending little time with each cat.

She said she knows it's the right shot, when she sees something in their eyes.

"I think it's always nice when the animal looks to you because we only have a few seconds to make a connection with an animal and it's usually through the eyes that we make that connection," she said.

Konduris comes back nearly every week due to her passion and love for these animals.

"People do come and take these animals to be members of their family and that's inspiring to me and hopefully my photography is part of --- I am a contributing factor to that," she said.

If you adopt one of the 12 Cats during the 12 Days of Catmas, you will also get a travel box with a goodie bag inside that includes treats, cat toys and also a $50 VCA Animal Hospital gift card.