SPOKANE, Wash. – The best way to approach and handle a baby deer in the wild is to leave the animal alone.

For Heaven’s Sake Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation wants the public to know that fawn are purposely left by their mothers in the wild.

The organization took to Facebook after an incident left a doe without its baby.

The fawn was brought to the rehabilitation center after spending three days in the home of people who picked up the animal and brought it home, thinking the fawn was stranded.

The volunteer organization brought in two rehabilitators and a veterinarian to try to save the baby deer.

The fawn died shortly after arriving at the center.

To avoid future incidences like this, a representative for For Heaven’s Sake said in the case that a fawn is found without its mother, the best way to help the animal is to leave it alone.

“Please do not pick fawn up. Leave them where you find them,” the representative wrote on their Facebook. “If they are in the middle of a road, move them to a safe place off the road but in the area.”

The representative said it is typical for a fawn to collapse if moved because the animal is supposed to stay still until the mother comes back.

Washington Fish and Wildlife officials also want to remind people about this issue.

“That momma deer, that doe, purposefully leaves the fawn by itself for a lot of the day because the fawn has no body scent and the momma does,” said Madonna Luers with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. “So predators like coyote and bears or even dogs can find her, but they couldn’t necessarily find the baby.”

If you do stumble on what may look like an abandoned or injured wild animal, officials said you can call the Department of Fish and Wildlife to ask if you should bring the animal in.