LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. – Department of Fish and Wildlife were called out Monday morning to help a deer caught in a tomato cage.

Elizabeth Adkins said she spotted the mother and her two fawns in her backyard when she noticed something was wrong.

“I thought it was chicken wire at first, but realized her head was caught in a tomato cage,” Adkins recalled.

Adkins said she called the department right away. An officer shot a tranquilizer dart at the deer in order to calm it down and help. Adkins said she held the deer’s head while the officer cut the wire cage off. Once it was free, the deer and her fawns were able to roam around Adkins’ yard and into the neighboring wooded area.

“A lot of my neighbors use cages to protect their tomatoes so it could have happened anywhere,” Adkins said. “But I saw her last night with her two little ones and she was walking fine so it must have happened today.”