CUSICK, Wash. -- Not all heroes wear capes and for Jadie Workman, her rescuers came donning hardhats and work gloves.

Workman said they saved her cabin, located along the Pend Oreille River near Cusick, from floodwaters.

It was within the last couple of days when things at their cabin along the Pend Oreille River started to look grim. They bought the place just last summer and were not entirely sure what to do in the event of a flood.

"We were just waiting for it to come. We were at the last minute pulling drywall before they showed up," Workman explained.

The "they" Workman is referring to, are AmeriCorp members, working with the Washington Conservation Corp. They had been deployed from Western Washington to the area as part of the governor's disaster declaration. When Workman heard they were nearby, she reached out and the crew came hustling over. It was right then and there that this team made the Workman place a priority.

“So, it was all hands-on deck at that point, just laying sandbags. And pumping water," AmeriCorp member Jessica Pegg said.

On Tuesday, they continued to make sure the cabin was protected. Workman said the wall of sandbags is working. Without it, she said her basement would have likely flooded. She thinks there would have been feet of water in there.

"I didn't think it would happen, and then they came and they were here and they saved our house," Workman said.

"It's an entirely humbling experience every single time we get to go out and help with a disaster response," Pegg said.

Workman cannot say thank you enough. This work is not costing her a dime. She credits the team's work ethic and the power of a little prayer.

"I told them this morning, I think they're God's people. They're the people that God sent to help save our house," Workman said.