OMAK, Wash. - The Okanogan County Medical Examiner confirmed Wednesday the identity of the man brutally killed at his own hom in Omak.

Clarence Walter Hauf was attacked inside his own home, which was then set on fire according to officials.

Jared Fudge, 27, faces first degree murder and arson charges for Hauf's death at 248 Omak River Road.

(Photo: Okanogan County)

After the suspect was taken into custody, detectives said he admitted to killing the victim and burning down his house because he was a demon, according to police documents.

According to court documents, the two knew each other and had previously argued over Fudge leaving his trailer on the victim's property. Hauf took out a restraining order against Fudge in 2016 which expired in July.

Fudge told investigators he had stabbed Hauf with a sword (machete) before lighting a fire in front of a wood stove and letting it go, according to court documents. He told detectives he went back upstairs and beat the victim with a sledge hammer, then stole his pickup truck.