CHESAW, Wash — Brian Loke is preparing to meet the daughter he didn’t know he had.

Around Thanksgiving of 2018, Loke said he received a letter with the words, “I think I’m your daughter.”

Loke lives with his wife in Chesaw, Washington, near Oroville. He has three children who live with his ex-wife in Nebraska. He said for several years, he’s just wanted to become closer to his children.

“My wife and I, we would always pray that, at some time, I would be able to connect with all my children and we could build a better relationship,” he said.

He says those prayers were heard.

He received a letter from 28-year-old Amanda Farrell, claiming to be his daughter. She said she had taken a DNA test that linked Brian as her father.

He said he was initially very skeptical.

“I’m a twin, so I may not be your dad,” he said. “I was really hesitant at first to say, ‘Yeah, you’re my daughter.’”

But as time passed, Loke said he started receiving the confirmation he needed.

“In comparing memories of when me and her mom could have met, the stories and memories that I had matched up with her mom’s,” he said.

Since then, he said things have only become more exciting.

He found out he is also a first-time grandpa, as Amanda has three children.

“Surprise! You’re a grandpa,” he said she told him.

Brian said the whole process has been nothing but great news for the family.

“Since Amanda has connected with us, she’s literally brought the family together,” he said. “All my children are emailing me and talking to me every week.”

Loke said Amanda is flying in to Spokane in July to meet and visit her newly found family.

He said they will be going to a special event where they will be able to have their first father-daughter dance.