Washington made the top 10 list of states to grow old in, coming in at number eight.

The list, from website 24/7 Wall Street, says the Evergreen state’s walkable communities and effective transit infrastructure contributed to the high rating.

The list really focused on financial security in the states, noting Washington’s low poverty rate for people 65 and over, as well as high life expectancy rate (80 years, the 11th highest in the country.)

New Hampshire made the number one spot, followed by Vermont and Minnesota.

Idaho was number 26, with a high poverty rate for folks 65 and older, at 10 percent (the 12th highest in the nation.) Idaho is one of the safest states, according to 24/7 Wall Street, and there are 16 hospitals per 100,000 senior citizens in the state, which is more than the national average of 10 hospitals per 100,000 elderly Americans.