SPOKANE, Wash. — Firefighters across Spokane County are helping out a New York teen battling cancer.

16-year-old Timothy Richardson is a firefighter-in-training from New York. He is asking other firefighters for support after being diagnosed with leukemia in early March.

While he says his cancer is treatable and he is getting chemo for the next month, his battle with leukemia will likely last years.

That is where local firefighters come in.

Richardson has dreamed of being a firefighter his entire life. While he goes through his treatment, he wants to wear a different fire company's t-shirt every day he is in the hospital.

This story quickly went viral online as fire stations across the country are stepping in to donate shirts with their stations name on them.

Soon, Richardson will have a little piece of Spokane to help him in his fight.

“Timothy, we hope you will wear this shirt and think of us because we will most certainly be thinking of you,” said Mark John, Deputy Chief of the Spokane Fire Department.

Both Spokane Fire department and Spokane Valley Fire department are donating to Richardson’s passion.

“We got a hat and a t-shirt we are going to send his way,” said Shawn Pichette with the Spokane Valley Fire Department. “Just wish him the best of luck in his long fight and let him know we are here for him.”

Timothy’s dream of being a fireman comes from his father and all the other men in his family. Now, as a training member of the explorer post, he is finally part of that brotherhood.

“It truly is a fire family,” John said. “We all represent each other every single day so it really is a privilege to be able to contribute.”

The donations from Spokane County fire department comes after both Spokane and Spokane Valley departments raised thousands of dollars climbing 72 flights of stairs for those who are battling lymphoma and leukemia.

Something that resonates with local firefighters.

“The type of Cancer Timothy is fighting, it really hit home for us and we thought we should really do something for his cause and show him a little support,” Pichette said.

More information on Richardson's battle with leukemia can be found on the Timmy's Battle Facebook page.

If your fire department would like to donate a t-shirt (size XL), badge or other item to Timothy, donations can be sent to the following addresses:






ROOM 1210


Hy-View Fire District 8

8 Airport Dr

Depew, NY 14043


U-Crest Fire Department

255 Clover Place

Cheektowaga, NY 14225