The Seattle man on a crusade to end school lunch shaming by wiping out lunch debt has raised more than $91,000 so far.

Jeff Lew says his GoFundMe campaigns have now erased school lunch debt in the state’s three largest school districts: Seattle,Tacoma and Spokane. Renton is still working toward its goal.

He says all the accounts remain open and any additional money will help pay off future debt. For instance, Tacoma reached its goal of $20,841 on May 30, so Lew raised the goal to $30,000 to cover future debt. Lew says the new goal was met on June 8 after a generous donation from America's Credit Union.

Lew's mission started with paying off the $97 lunch debt at his child's school. Then he expanded it to pay off the $21,000 debt across the entire Seattle school district. He reached that goal with the help of a $5,000 donation from Grammy award winning singer John Legend.

Lew's campaign in Spokane met the initial goal of $1,500 that would cover all outstanding lunch debt in the district early on. Lew said he then changed the end goal to $3,500 to help offset future lunch debt in Spokane Public Schools.

Lew said he is working with individual school districts to make sure the money goes to where it is needed most.