A double tall latte with a shot of - cannabis?

Cafe Hitchcock Express, a pop-up offshoot of Cafe Hitchock in downtown Seattle, will be serving grab-and-go food, coffee and soon CBD oil-infused "wellness lattes," which were recently added to the menu, reports Eater Seattle.

The lattes will be made with cannabis' calming non-psychoactive, so the drinks' won't make you high - just chill you out and make you feel good.

The Cafe Hitchcock Express popup will open in the former Tully's location at 821 2nd Avenue later in April through the summer. Eventually, they plan to become a permanent fixture.

Other items on the menu include Cafe Vita coffee and espresso, cold-pressed juices, sodas made on site, and Iggy's Honeybrew Kombucha. As for food offerings, Chef Brendan McGill plans to combine hot items with grab-and-go options for workers in a hurry. Sandwiches served on Sea Wolf Bakery bread might include smoked ham with brie and arugula, for example.

When it opens, Cafe Hitchcock Express will operate Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.