SPOKANE, Wash.—A meteor shower could light the Inland Northwest’s night skies this weekend.

Washington State University astronomers said the Leonid meteors will create a host of shooting stars late Friday night, leading into the early hours of dawn.

WSU astronomer, Michael Allen, said the brightness of the meteor shower will be boosted because of the new moon.

With no illuminated moon to dampen the show, all the better for sky-gazers that Leonids are “bright meteors with a high percentage of persistent trains,” according to the American Meteor Society.

Allen said the meteors have actually been swooping across the night sky since early November.

The greatest number of meteors will fall this weekend with an optimal rate of 20 an hour, according to Allen.

Allen advised star-gazers to bundle up, grab a thermos of hot chocolate and head outdoors away from street and building lights. For a wide view of the sky, look as straight up as possible by sitting on a reclining chair or laying on a sleeping bag.