SPOKANE, Wash. – The Centers for Disease Control released its weekly flu report and found the death toll in both Washington and Idaho has gone up.

In Washington, the death toll almost doubled, going from 46 last week to now 86 this week.
Fifteen of those deaths happened in Spokane County.

CDC officials said during the second week of January, more people sought care for flu like illnesses than at any comparable period in nearly a decade. It has been so busy Washington state health officials are reminding the public to reserve the emergency room for people who are very sick.

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Meanwhile, in Idaho, officials report 39 people have died this season as a result of flu-related illnesses. The state says they are seeing increasing reports of the flu throughout the state.
State health officials also said they are seeing some of the highest rates of people coming to the hospital because of the flu since the 2014-15 season.