SPOKANE, Wash. – Five bills dealing with guns are up for debate by lawmakers in Olympia, including one that would ban high-capacity magazines.

Compared to other states, Washington still has one of the lowest rates when it comes to people dying from guns but lawmakers say much still needs to be done.

Among the proposals is a plan that would require a state license to own, sell and buy an assault weapon with a large capacity magazine. Another proposal would ban high-capacity magazines of 10 rounds or more. There is also a push that would charge a person with community endangerment should that person leave a gun with not intended to use the weapon. Critics of the proposals said the changes are not needed.

With gun legislation getting so much attention in Olympia, KREM 2 looked into how many gun deaths there have been in Washington. In numbers from the FBI, a total of 686 people died from being shot in 2016, that was the lowest in three years.

In comparing the FBI’s numbers to the Federal Highway Administration on car accident death rates, Washington is one of the states where you are more likely to die from being shot than in a car crash. It has been that way for at least three years now. In 2016, 100 more people died from being shot than in a car accident.

Each proposal still must clear the House, something that could take several more weeks. All as the death rate for guns in Washington is still far below that of the national average.