SPOKANE, Wash.— A family member’s cancer diagnosis had a huge impact on a Spokane man’s career path.

Cole Music Company owner, Eben Cole said he never saw himself repairing and building guitars at his Garland District business.

Cole’s father’s diagnosis of prostate cancer led him to the family business and the family’s trade of repairing and building guitars.

“I saw an opportunity to spend some time with him and also learn a new skill,” said Cole.

Cole had been working at a brass and woodwinds repair shop when he got the news about his dad. He said that was when he decided to take up luthiery, the art of repairing string instruments, and he was going to learn from the man who raised him.

“One of those things kind of goes through your mind of you know, you're not sure how much time you might have with somebody,” said Cole.

Cole said his focus now is to go beyond repairs and to build guitars.

Cole Music Company has been in Spokane for about 11 years and had been started by Cole’s father in California in 1968.

Cole said his father was now in remission from cancer.